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Smart Leak Finder Smart Leak Finder™: Mobile Industrial Leak Detection
MISTRAS’ Smart Leak Finder is a handheld, industrial leak detection device truly built for modern-day inspections. It interfaces with mobile devices via a purpose-built Android app to keep you up-to-date on your assets’ conditions at all times. All the features and functionality of an industrial leak detection device, just a finger-tap away. Learn more at www.smartleakfinder.com.

MISTRAS Group welcomes a new member to the MISTRAS team with the acquisition of RAC Group. Since 2009, RAC has been a leading provider of rope access inspection and mechanical services to the oil & gas, civil infrastructure, and alternative energy industries in North America. Operating safely and successfully on hard-to-reach assets, RAC’s innovative access solutions help to maximize the value MISTRAS provides to our clients.

MISTRAS won’t just inspect your assets; we’ll prepare them to return to service as quickly as possible. Our light mechanical services span pipefitting, electrical, industrial, and insulation services. Watch our video to see how our mechanical services toolbox embodies our comprehensive approach to plant optimization. Click the links below to learn more about the value of having multi-disciplined personnel serve as complete asset protection providers, at any height, in any environment, all across the globe.
– View more info!   [Webpage]   [Video]   [Flyer]

See the Video: MISTRAS’ Rope Access Solutions for Petrochemical Assets
MISTRAS’ Rope Access services provide a cost-effective solution to inspect and maintain assets at height, minimize worksite congestion, downtime, and eliminate the need for scaffolding, lifts, and cranes. Check out our new Rope Access video to see how MISTRAS’ Rope Access services can benefit your petrochemical plant's assets.

Power Brochure One Source Inspection and Engineering Solutions for Power
MISTRAS' takes a unique 'one source' approach to Power Generation, by providing inspection and engineering services for a wide array of sectors, and developing the products and systems used to support these services. We offer solutions for the Nuclear, Fossil, Alternative and Renewable Energy, and Transmission and Distribution sectors, among others. Read our new Power Brochure to learn what MISTRAS can offer to your industry.

TWISTED TUBE Versatile, Unique Application for Eddy Current Inspection Services
MISTRAS has developed an advanced Eddy Current Testing (ECT) application to inspect Koch Heat Transfer Company's TWISTED TUBE® heat exchangers. As these unique assets continually move into the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries, MISTRAS combines highly trained and skilled technicians with the latest in ECT technology and advanced software solutions.

MISTRAS Group Acquires Western Inspection, Ltd MISTRAS Acquires Canadian Field and Lab NDT Services Company
MISTRAS Group recently completed the acquisition of Western Inspection, Ltd and its subsidiary, Pacific NDE. Western has provided multi-discipline non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions since 1967. As the newest member of the MISTRAS family, welcome!

Computed Radiography (CR) with Digital Film Archiving Flyer Powerful, Convenient USB Acoustic Emission (AE) system
The USB AE Node is a full-featured, low-cost Acoustic Emission system that plugs conveniently into your PC or laptop. With all the features, capabilities, and performance of a larger standalone system, the USB AE Node also offers the maximum portability that comes with USB connectivity and power.

SMS (Structural Monitoring System) Data Sheet Safer, Better, Faster: Computed Radiography (CR) with Digital Film Archiving
MISTRAS advanced Computed Radiography (CR) with Digital Film Archiving produces high-quality images with vastly superior archival capabilities compared to traditional Radiography testing (RT). The digital format and upgrade in imaging technologies translates to decreased costs with increased safety and efficiency thanks to reductions in exclusion zones, radiation sources and processing times.

SMS (Structural Monitoring System) Data Sheet Structural Monitoring System (SMS): A Watchful Eye on Your Critical Assets
MISTRAS' Structural Monitoring System (SMS) is a high-channel density, full-scale general purpose structural monitoring and machine protection system. The SMS possesses data collection, storage, alarming and trending capabilities. Its software sends customized alarm reports remotely via email, while an Acoustic Emission system alarm triggers high speed data storage at a programmable threshold.

EXPRESS-8 AE Board Express-8 AE Board & System Take Next Step in Data Acquisition
MISTRAS' Express-8 is a faster, more powerful Acoustic Emission Board & System, fusing a PCI-Express bus with higher channel density and capabilities. Powering two new system chassis, the Express-8 ideal for large-structure monitoring and field testing when portability, high-channel density, and fast performance is a must.

MISTRAS Group recently announced the acquisition of Carmagen Engineering Inc. Carmagen has provided engineering consulting and technical training services for hydrocarbon processing and other energy-related fields since 1986. As a member of the MISTRAS family, Carmagen addresses the ongoing need of customers to decrease turnaround duration and extend runtimes between shutdowns.

Tablet UT Brochure TABLET UT™: Cutting-edge UT data imaging and analysis system
MISTRAS Group continues to lead the way in Ultrasonic Testing (UT) with the release of Tablet UT™ - a portable and powerful UT imaging and analysis system. Tablet UT™ fuses versatile data acquisition (A-B-C- Scan, TOFD, and more) with first-of-its-kind on-board data analysis, which is enabled by its powerful and functional lab computer capabilities. Check out more about Tablet UT™ in its new brochure.

Asset Integrity Management Services Brochure Browse our new UT Solutions Catalog
MISTRAS Products & Systems Division has packed its entire Ultrasonic Testing solutions product line in one convenient place - the brand new UT Solutions Catalog. In print and online, the UT Solutions Catalog offers an in-depth look at all of MISTRAS' UT products and systems – from large-scale Gantries to hand-held testing systems like the Tablet UT.
– View more info!   [PDF]

In the upcoming August issue of trade magazine World Pipelines, MISTRAS' acoustic leak detection system, VPAC™II, is highlighted as an invaluable tool in the pipeline industry's fight against leaking valves. The article discusses VPAC technology's specific application to pipelines, and how its use can lead to millions of dollars in savings. Click above to read the full article.

Asset Integrity Management Services Brochure Asset Protection Solutions for Wind Energy
MISTRAS has the solutions to support your wind power operations in every phase. Our 24/7 on-line monitoring services, non-destructive/destructive testing and maintenance services can help protect and prolong your fleet's life, all while saving costs. Discover these and more of MISTRAS' one-of-a-kind combination of asset protection solutions in our new Wind Energy Brochure.

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS) is a management system enabling plant owners to maintain asset integrity in a Fit-for-Service condition for the desired asset lifespan. This is thanks to seamless integration of AIMS' four services: Engineering, Mechanical Integrity (MI), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), and Plant Condition Management Software (PCMS). View the AIMS Brochure to see all the MISTRAS Center of Excellence offers.

AE Pad Cratering Detection of Printed Circuit Boards AE Pad Cratering Detection of Printed Circuit Boards
Ensuring the proper functionality of printed circuit boards is paramount, yet electronics assemblies with large flip-chip BGA packages can be prone to either pad cratering or brittle intermetallic (IMC) failures under excessive printed circuit board bending. Pad cratering initiates well ahead of electronic failure, which gives ample time for detection and location by a diagnostic solution like Acoustic Emission (AE) testing.

Pocket CORPAC™ Pocket CORPAC™: Portable Non-Intrusive Localized Corrosion Testing System
At less than a quarter of the size of its predecessor and with the latest user-guided software, the Pocket CORPAC™ detects localized corrosion without taking industrial structures out of service, before costly damage and its effects can be seen or felt. It increases operational safety with short, periodic, in-service monitoring, while simplifying asset maintenance on a variety of industrial structures and materials.

Heroes Wanted: At MISTRAS, we protect critical assets. Sound familiar? Current openings include: Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Inspectors. Make our mission your next. Read more...
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